Matric Farewell MAGIC!

couple matric farewell


For 18 years we dream about this day, we visualize it, we rehearse it in our minds.  It falls into the same category as wedding dreams!  Whenever there is a beautiful dress involved…we can start dreaming, can’t we Girls!  Matric Farewell season is almost upon us and just to get everyone more excited, I decided to share some pics that I’ve taken over the last couple of years.  

Yesterday I received a whatsapp message from my client Ella Kritzinger, beautiful gospel singer (Gebede vir vroue).  I met Ella years ago when we did the cover shoot for her album and I cannot believe it but her daughter is all grown up and ready for her very own matric farewell dance!  I am so excited!  With every matric farewell I feel like I am 18 again!!  It brought back some memories…

I can still remember the day my grandfather told me he will buy me a matric farewell dress.  I loved my Oupa.  I felt so lucky when he said that he would do that for me.  What a special day, I will never forget it for as long as I live. I cannot remember where we bought the dress, but is was a beautiful dark luxurious green velvet dress, long and elegant.  I chose green to bring out the colour of my eyes and I wanted to look like Taylor from “Bold and the Beautiful”… haha, what are dreams made of!!  I remember feeling all grown-up and wonderful and self-conscious, all at the same time, when my date for the evening picked me up.  

Back in those days we didn’t do photoshoots like we do now.  My Mamma took a few pictures for the album, thank goodness she’s always been great with a camera!  Today girls start planning their matric farewell months, sometimes even a year, in advance.  Friends posing together are very popular as well as couple shoots.  Just look at beautiful Danike and her partner, in the photo above.  Danike’s make-up was applied by my talented sister, Maureen Grobler.  Maureen is a professional when it comes to matric dance make-up.  Get yourself a pro for your prom, girls!  You want your make-up to last for hours because LOTS of dancing will be happening!!!

dullstroom matric farewell

This is Sonja.  Sonja owns a piece of my heart!  We had quite an adventure capturing her matric farewell.  Had to drive out to Dullstroom for the occasion, lovely roadtrip!  The perks of being a photographer 🙂 Maureen did Sonja’s make-up also – quite dramatic with dark lips contrasting beautifully with her light dress.  

matric dance girl

Beautiful Bianca!  Just look at that smile!  Bianca is my cousin’s daughter and guess what, this year it is her sister Shané’s turn, I can’t wait, I can’t wait…!  Wonderful to know I can even make my own family happy by providing this service.

rosemary hill matric dance

Zanoré’s photos were taken at Rosemary Hill.  She went for the fairytale look… a thick lovely braid, reminding me of Elsa from the animation movie Frozen.  Her dress was light blue with hundreds of little white lace flowers.  I am sure she felt like a princess, she looked like one!

matric farewell dress

Pretty & petite.  Danike, you are a beautiful young lady.  This photo session took place on my father’s plot in Donkerhoek.  I love the contrast of her dress against the winter grass.


These two lovebirds, oooh la la!  I’ve known Kristen since she was born!  Special young lady, you know I love you!  Kristen chose to stand out in the crowd, her floral skirt was captivating and different!  It always amazes me how each person is unique, choosing a look that compliments her own individual style.  Kristen’s dress had to be worn with self-confidence, which she had, of course 🙂

flower dress couple


curly hair matric farewell

Cammy, gorgeous Cammy.  Make-up by Maureen Grobler.  Red is one of my favourite colors – I think Cammy chose well.  Her dress is striking!  Her hair beautiful!  She looked absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you to my friend Dee for trusting me to photograph your daughter.  A few weeks ago it was little Jordan’s turn… Cammy’s sister.  Many years before we get to that little one’s matric dance!!  I am sure she looks at her sister’s pics and already dream about that wonderful day…

red matric farewell dress

And to end this post, a photograph of Jandrie & Bianca, beautiful happy girls!  Just look at them!  Oh, to be young and carefree and beautiful…. treasure every moment of your matric dance dear ladies!  Make sure everything is taken care of before the time so that you can enjoy the day, there is only one of them in your lifetime!

friends matric farewell

Thank you to all the women that I’ve shared this special day with.  I am looking forward to many more!  Please share this post with any of your friends that you know are planning their matric dance.  Let’s fuel up those dreams, shall we 🙂


Love, Marethe

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  1. Elizabeth Kendall July 10, 2017 at 06:07 #

    Dis so HEERLIK om al jou mooi stories te lees en jou foto’s te bewonder!! Hou so aan, my flukse kind! Liefde.

    • Marethe July 10, 2017 at 10:04 #

      Dankie my BESTE ondersteuner!! xxx

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