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Our Katie…

This is a special blog post because this one is about Katie.  Katie is special, super special πŸ™‚

Katie is a miracle child.  My sister-in-law, Sara, was told she would never be able to have children after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were so happy that she was alive after all the treatment but still, the news that she would never be able to conceive was very sad.  Time went past and we had to accept the fact that my brother and his wife would never have their own children.  It’s funny how you think stuff like that always happens to other people…

One day Sara phoned me and told me she wasn’t feeling well….again.  She was worried that she might have cancer again.  She decided to go check it out and guess what….. you guessed it…. Katie was growing in her tummy.  This is why I love God…so much.  HE loves doing the inconceivable, the unexpected, the impossible.  He loves giving us the desires of our hearts.  Katie was such a big desire in Wilhelm and Sara’s hearts…  Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

three year old forest

looking up

Look at the birds, singing!

smiling girl

That’s a perfect pose Katie πŸ™‚


So, not only is Katie a special girl but she is also wearing a very special jersey!  Ouma had it made for her, with the most beautiful buttons you can think of with little owls on them.  You don’t get clothes like this in the shops anymore….this little jersey made me think of the jersey’s MY Ouma made for me!  I still have them!  Neatly folded and packed away in a special suitcase.  I cannot give them away.

happy trees

We decided to go and visit Oupa on the plot to do a special photo shoot for Katie with her blue jersey.  I’ve taken photographs of Katie before but this time it was different.  She allowed me to take her hand and off we went, into the Big Forest.  She listened to all my stories and when I told her to stand over there…hold the tree…smile…look at the beautiful leaves…she did all of that without any hesitation.  We had a lovely time!  We discovered funny-looking leaves and sticks…. we listened to the wind in the trees…we looked up at the sky to see if we could spot the birds that we heard singing.  It was a magic afternoon.  I love this little girl with all of my heart and to me it felt as if we bonded.

black and white

I love this photo!  It looks as if Katie is praying πŸ™‚

After our little photo shoot we went back to Oupa and Mommy.  I got some really nice special pictures of Katie and Oupa, he showed her a video on his phone and she liked that a lot!  She even gave him a kiss on his cheek to say how much she loves him πŸ™‚  Here she is, before the kiss, doing some coloring in.  Look at the concentration…



Waiting patiently for Oupa…

the look

Look at those eyes…. she is really listening what Oupa has to say!  Such dreamy eyes.  


Family πŸ™‚

hugs and kisses

I love the way my dad pulls his mouth!!  Anticipation πŸ™‚

the kiss

And there it is…the Kiss.  One for the frame.


We love you Katie!  Come visit again, soon!


Hugs and kisses,

Marethe xxx


5 thoughts on “Our Katie…

  1. Elizabeth Kendall says:

    Hoe lieflik is die lewe nie net nie! Hoe goed en groot is ons Hemelse Vader. Dankie Mareet dat jy alles so mooi neerskryf hier. Dit is so kosbaar. Pragtig is elke foto ook. xxx

  2. Absoluut pragtig. Ja, ons is almal erg oor Katie, en elke dag loop ons ‘n wΓͺreld vol wonderwerke al om ons. Jou fotos is besonders.

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