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Bachelor of Engineering!

It’s been a while since another human being inspired me so much that I wanted to write about the person. Today is such a day. A great day to be inspired! My muse is Charné du Toit – beautiful, blonde, brainy.

Since the moment I met Charné I knew that she was special. Beyond measure. Her smile has no limits and she is clever and witty and gorgeous. Not only that, but she studied engineering – what a combination! I looked at her and thought – I would absolutely love to photograph you, woman! So when she phoned me and asked me if I would consider capturing her graduation I was obviously delighted.

Upon entering the University of Pretoria I could feel the buzz of excitement. Throngs of students everywhere flashing blue and black colors, very proudly. Black graduation caps with blue feathers flying above like birds in the sky. A part of me wished I could experience that, because I never did. I guess it’s never too late, is it….

A moment later she came walking towards me, happiness written all over her face. Five years of hard work and determination – all worth it! We met up with Charné’s father, stepmother and boyfriend, all very happy to share this afternoon with her. I teared up a bit when I saw the way her daddy looked at her and I could feel the love between them.

But this is not where her journey ends. She has set her goal on achieving her honors degree so maybe next year this time we’ll be taking photos again… actually, I am sure we will because Charné is one of those people with determination and grit and whatever she puts her mind to, she will achieve.

Now it was time to get some romance into the shoot – Tiaan started warming up towards me a lot at this stage, especially after asking him numerous times to kiss the graduate numerously 🙂

After all, who wouldn’t want to kiss a clever and beautiful blonde!

Charné I wish you all the best with your studies in the year to come and thank you for allowing me to share this special day with you!

Ad Destinatum Persequor

“With zeal and perseverance I strive towards the goal”

Love, Marethe

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