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A visit in Midrand Estate

I love family shoots.  Did you know that?  It’s a part of my world.  I photograph families regularly and what I love about it, is the love I see between family members.  I might not be so good with names but I am good with faces.  I remember each and every one and when you stand in front of my lens, I connect with you.  I have to – otherwise I won’t get a good photograph.

About two weeks ago I met up with the Snyman’s.  A lovely family of four – Pierre, Paula, Reinhardt & Ulrich.  It was really nice to shoot somewhere else for a change – Midrand has some beautiful gardens and lots of areas to play for younger children.

I arrived at Pierre & Paula’s lovely home and felt instantly at ease.  If you look at her garden you wouldn’t say it’s autumn.  Pink Impatients greet you everywhere with specks of orange in between.  How lovely!  I also loved the fact that Paula is very proud of her garden – maybe because I love gardening so much myself.

Family is precious.  It’s a bond you share with no-one else.  Sometimes when I photograph families I like to ask them to put their hands together.  Just to show that bond.

First up was the green outfits. This mom can co-ordinate, that’s for sure. I looked at her and wondered how it must feel to live your life between three men. Ha – what an adventure!!

I loved the way she looked at them – so much love, so much joy, so much pride in her eyes.  The last time they did a photoshoot like this was years ago.  I felt the importance of these photos and tried my best to capture the bond between them.

Next up, was purple!  One of my favourite colours.  Combined with blue.  What do you think?  This mom knows what she wants 🙂

Last but not least some black and white images.  Just because they are my own personal favourite.  I feel a shoot is incomplete without them.  They just bring out the emotion so much more, as far as I’m concerned.


I love the way he looks at her.  Blessed, lucky woman!  Thank you for hiring me to photograph this bond between the four of you.  I loved every minute of our time together.


I hope to see you again, soon.  May these pictures bring you joy for many, many years to come.



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