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Wedding bells at Wilgers Hospital!

It was a first for me and a first for Wilgers Hospital.  The first time I photograph a wedding at a hospital and the first time one of their patients get married in the hospital!  I could feel the excitement as soon as I arrived, all the staff smiled – almost as if it was their own wedding 🙂

Jean & Reléne – thank you for making us a part of this very special occasion!  Sometimes fancy venues, a big dress and perfect invitations doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the moment and the decision to make a lifelong promise to someone.  I truly hope your days are filled with love and that your little boy will be blessed.  I trust that everything will go well and that you will soon be in your home with two happy little feet kicking in the air!

To the staff, I loved your dancing and singing!  You sure know how to celebrate!  Thank you Sorita for trusting me on such short notice.  I actually love doing things out of the ordinary!

Life is short, every day a gift.  Remember that today 🙂


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