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A few weeks ago I received a message from Adri, a lady who went to the same high school as me. She has been following my work for some time and they wanted to treat their mom with a photoshoot – something she’s never done before. I was very pleased to be the designated photographer because I really admire older people and I love talking to them because they have that one quality that I desire above all others – wisdom.

So I met Ronel one sunny afternoon in April and we spent the next hour together. I loved how she was totally at ease with herself and comfortable in front of my lens, as if she has been doing photo shoots for years.

I saw a little ladybird and decided to photograph it – they say ladybirds bring luck 🙂 “Appreciate the little things – there are so many.” So with the ladybird now a part of our shoot, I carried on talking and walking with Ronel.

It’s amazing what a genuine compliment can do for a person. If you find someone beautiful, even if it is a stranger, stop and take the time to tell the person your thoughts. When I told Ronel she reminded me of a sixteen year old it was as if all those years fell away and there she was – giggling, pretty, carefree.

Thank you Ronel for our time and sharing a piece of your soul with me. You are a lovely, kind lady. I hope these photos bring you and your family much joy – what a lovely Mother’s Day gift for the one you love!

To all the mother’s out there – I think you are amazing.



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